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Workshop to cultivate ideas and plan a local peace event

We plan our first local Peace Culture event.

Refugees from Eritrea, Sudan and Syria met at Bjørndal volunteer centre to brainstorm ideas and plan a peace culture event for refugees, residents and volunteers. The room filled with laughter and movement as we played games to get to know each other better. The group made image theatre about typical Norwegians: freezing in the cold weather, skiing, sitting in couples at cafés, fishing alone for hours, buying furniture at IKEA, and being perfectly happy outside in the rain underneath an umbrella.

The group also made image theatre about their dream town:

We dream about a town where we can do everything in peace and quiet - work - read newspapers in the park - play pool - go for a walk - read in the library - work out - have a party with music and dancing​ where everyone is welcome.

We were all excited to making one of those dreams come true. We started the planning of a Family party for a Peaceful Christmas-time at Bjørndal volunteer centre December 20th. We are planning to serve Norwegian Christmas porridge with an almond, Syrian samosa, Eritrean food, Kurdish music, Norwegian Christmas songs and Christmas dances, Syrian childrens songs, drawing Christmas cards - and Santa giving candy to the children. We will replace the traditional Christmas tree with a Peace tree for the occasion, and walk around it singing songs of peace together. Everyone will get to hang their prayers for peace as ornaments on the tree, as a blessing for a peaceful Christmas time for all, and as a goal for a culture of peace at Bjørndal.

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